With the development trend of science and technology in enterprise management using specialized software which have been applied by many enterprises throughout the world with much success, thanks to the effectiveness and experience of the pioneer enterprises, Rang Dong Long An Plastic Joint Stock Company has also applied actively into the actual business activities of the Company.

Accordingly, on November 10, 2017, the signing ceremony for implementing SAP ERP project between Long An Plastic JSC and Citek Technology JSC was held. The SAP project, when implemented comprehensively, will help the company to make more systematic plans for human resources, financial operations, product lines and supply chains.

 (Signing Ceremony between Rang Dong Long An Plastic Joint Stock Company and Citek Joint Stock Company)

Benefits from SAP ERP software

•            Reduce costs for processing orders, reduce time to calculate sales prices, requests for quotations

•            Create a more efficient working environment for employees

  •  Increase potential investments, reduce goods distribution and transportation costs

•            Provide prompt, accurate and timely information.

•            Reduce the amount of loan needed.

•            SAP ERP delivers efficient management processes that are tailored to the specific needs of each industry.

 Chairman of Management Board was inspiring the staff

Management Board and Board of Directors of the Company decided to choose SAP ERP solution to put into application when the company is officially put into operation in early 2018, this program will integrate with processes to form a centralized and consistent information system  to ensure the optimal corporate governance. The specifications will be updated more quickly and transparently through the automated system, all equipment will be fully automatized that will help the Board of Directors to have positive policies for the business operations of the company.

Rang Dong Long An Plastic JSC is not only of large scale in terms of factory infrastructure, modern machines and equipment but the company also focuses on corporate governance to keep up with the new trends of the era to accordingly build a dynamic, modern and professional brand image of Rang Dong Plastic in the heart of customers and partners.