Since its establishment in 1960, joining Ho Chi Minh City Securities Market in 2009 with Securities Code of RDP to date, Rang Dong Plastic Joint Stock Company has always been compliant with regulations on information disclosure and continuously improved the transparency of information provided to its shareholders and partners. All securities transactions of its shareholders and relevant persons of its shareholders are disclosed according to the regulations. Regular reports such as financial statements, administration reports and irregular information disclosure reports are all reported timely to State Securities Commission of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange and posted on website of the Company to provide timely information to its shareholders to ensure the benefits of the shareholders and accordingly the Company has built up the reputation and trust to the shareholders and partners of the company.

Recently, Vietstock has cooperated with the Financial and Life Newspaper (FiLi) to conduct a comprehensive survey on the conformity and adequacy of information disclosure obligations on Vietnam Securities Market. These are two prestigious units in analyzing the financial market and the official organ of the Vietnam Association of Financial Executives. The survey was conducted from 01/07/2016 to 30/06/2017, the standards of the survey are applied in accordance with Circular 155/2015 / TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance on information disclosure on securities market. The survey was carried out quietly, ensuring surprise and depth of information survey and evaluation to get more accurate results.

After the long-term survey, Rang Dong Plastic (RPD) was honored to be included in the Top 114 Companies  with Best Information Disclosure Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange. With the number of DNNY decreasing significantly compared to 2016, it can be seen that the rating is becoming more rigorous and that the companies that stand on the 2017 List are those with superior business performance over the others. The attraction of this securities group to the investment community is also much higher.

Through this event, Rang Dong Plastic Joint Stock Company commits to always providing accurate, timely and accurate information to shareholders and partners. With the aim at sustainable growth in the plastics industry, the Management Board of the Company will develop business strategies that are appropriate for each stage of the Company’s development to maximize the benefits to the Company and its shareholders and to create the trust for the shareholders when choosing RDP stock code for their investments in the securities market of Vietnam.