Lunar New Year (Tet) is the biggest holiday in the year of many countries in Asian region, including Vietnam. According to the Vietnamese tradition, Tet is the occasion for people to spend time together after a long time away because of the work in other lands, the occasion to express the concern and filial piety with parents. In addition, people also express their wish for a new year with lots of lucks and fortune through loving wishes given to each other on the occasion of new spring.

Along with the need to furnish home appliances and to decorate the house of families during the Lunar New Year, Rang Dong Plastic JSC combined with 03 companies: Duy Tan, Dien Quang, Hung Hau to open a mobile sales campaign in the internal 04 companies from January 10th to 19th, 2018. The event was concerned by the Management of the companies in the price incentives of products, discounting up to 50{a8777a55431d86354debb293334308662cf0b595c30c9fc874c40d3cf1fafe61} compared with market price, enabling people to shop for Tet more convenient.

In addition, the event attracted a large number of employees to shop and experience new and practical product lines for family, as an occasion for people to have more intensive and comprehensive view about the product lines of their company. In addition, it also showed the spirit of solidarity of companies in business cooperation, idea exchange as well as contributing to increasing the number of customers and bringing brands of each company closer to consumers.

Rang Dong’s favorite products such as: raincoats, umbrellas, food coatings, tablecloths, and new products such as: backpacks, bags, men’s and women’s leather coat have received much special attention from customers. Products were made from the available materials of the Company with high quality and friendly environment would be indispensable items in every Vietnamese family in this Tet.

In less than 30 days until the Lunar New Year 2018, Rang Dong Plastic JSC would like to wish you a lucky and prosperous year. Happy New Year!