In today’s modern society, knowledgeable and talented human resources are very important for the development of enterprises and society. Building a quality human resource needs to go through a long process and close cooperation between the school, students and enterprises so that students can have opportunities to develop to the full their potentials and creativity in work.

Recently, on October 14, 2017, Rang Dong Plastic JSC was honored to sponsor the graduation ceremony for students of Industrial Art Department,  Ton Duc Thang University. This is one of the humane, helpful activities for the community that Rang Dong is aiming to provide students with the opportunity to shine in their important day of student life, and to bring more job opportunities at Rang Dong for talented young students.

At the same time, through this activity, Rang Dong Plastics would like to introduce the company image, its products and positive values ​​to the society to convey the creative inspiration in designs with high application ability of the students to accordingly  cultivate ideas and form values ​​that are beneficial to students themselves and to create high effectiveness in the future enterprises. The event was a great success thanks to the close cooperation between the university and Rang Dong Plastic Joint Stock Company to bring many human and meaningful values to students.

Activities that are human and beneficial to the community and society will be developed more by Rang Dong Plastic JSC to broaden and promote more effectiveness to bring joy and happiness to the people and to the life.

“Happiness is always smiling to those who are patient, brave and work hard.

Happiness is not something that is always available. Happiness comes from our own actions. “