– 1960 – 1975: The company was established under the name UFEOC (Union of Rubber Factories Far East France), and then changed to UFIPLATIC. We were one of the very first plastic manufacturers in Vietnam that imported advanced machinery and equipment from Japan and Taiwan, manufacturing PVC synthetic leathers, soft PU, table coat, PVC film, PVC coated fabrics, water-repellent parachute fabrics.

– 1975-2005: Changed the name to Rang Dong Plastic Factory, since then, the company has grown and prospered. Factories and branches in Hoc Mon, Nha Trang, Hanoi, and Nghe An were established one after another. We received ISO 9001-2000 certificate in 2003. By May 2nd, 2005, we began the equitization process and officially became Rang Dong Plastic Joint-Stock Company.

– 2005 – Now: After reconstructing the head office in District 11 – Ho Chi Minh city, production activities continue to expand. Facilities have been upgraded to meet the increasing demand: replacing Hoc Mon Plastic Factory with Packaging Factory No.1 in Cu Chi – Ho Chi Minh city and starting construction of the new Tien Son Plastic Factory in Bac Ninh industrial zone. We received ISO 14001:2004 certificate in April 2014.  As of May 2014, we completed the equitization process.

II.Production areas

Main business lines:

PLASTIC PACKAGING: Multilayer laminated films, single and multilayer packaging films, plastics and paper labels, pallet shrink films (stretch hood films). Up to 12-color printing.

SYNTHETIC LEATHER: PVC and PU synthetic leather used in the production of sofa, motorbike and car seats, fashion accessories including bags, belts, and shoes, water-repellent fabrics, flame-retardant fabrics, etc.

PLASTIC FILMS: PVC, PEVA, and EVA films for raincoats, tablecloths, water-repellent films used in construction sites, durable covers for salt evaporation ponds, etc.

PLASTIC SHEETS AND BOARD: PVC and PP roofing sheets and boards.

FINISHED PLASTIC GOODS: raincoats, tablecloths, etc.

To build and sustain a broad, nationwide distribution network, Rang Dong puts customers’ needs at the center of everything we do. We are known for our multilayer laminated films and synthetic leather that have multi-applications that are tailor-made for different customer industries.

Besides domestic channels, Rang Dong constantly increases exports in major marketplace such as USA, Japan, Korea, Holland, Taiwan, Middle East, Nigeria, Thailand, Myanmar and EU countries.

By 2014, Rang Dong Plastic JSC has established three ISO 14001:2004 certified manufacturing facilities:  Plastic Factory No. 1 (District 11, HCMC), Packaging Factory No. 1 (Cu Chi, HCMC), and Tien Son Plastic Factory (Tien Son Industrial Zone, Bac Ninh). They are all equipped with world-class machinery and technology with high production capacity, producing a wide range of products.

We’ve taken advantage of development in research and technology to extend our product lines. For instance, fifty new synthetic leather samples are made every year at our R&D department. As a result, exports to United States of premium synthetic leather used in the fabrication of yacht interiors and furniture have increased up to 20 percent per year.  As part of our ongoing efforts “To become the leader in the industry nationwide and worldwide”, all members of the company, from the executives to the employees, have committed to sustain, to improve constantly and to be “Always Better”.

Vision - Mission


Rang Dong Holding becomes an international multi-sector business corporation with the plastic industry as the focus.


  • For the community: Responsibility on each product QUALITY, SAFETY, ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY
  • For customers, business partners: Cooperation and Development
  • For officials and employees: Recognize contributions - Share achievements - Opportunities for promotion
  • For shareholders and investors: Optimizing profits; ensure publicity and transparency


  • Creation
  • Profession
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Humanity
1. “LABOUR MEDAL OF FIRST CLASS” Awarded by State Council.

2. “LABOUR MEDAL OF THIRD CLASS”  Awarded by State Council.

3. “LABOUR MEDAL OF THIRD CLASS”  Awarded By The President To Mr. Ho Duc Lam, Chairman Of The Board - General Director.

4. "NATIONAL BRAND" - VIETNAM VALUE  From 2008 To Present.

5. ISO CERTIFICATE  9001:2015

6. "HO CHI MINH CITY BUSINESS FEATURED" Awarded By Ho Chi Minh People Committee To Mr. Ho Duc Lam, Chairman Of The Board - General Director, From 2010 To Present.

7. "PRODUCTS SERVICES BRAND FEATURED VIETNAMESE" Awarded By Industry and Trade Ministry In 2014.

8. "BRAND GOLDEN - HEART GOLDEN" Certificate, Organized By VTC Digital Television.

9. "VIET NAM - JAPAN BUSINESS CONNECTION" The Sponsor Certificate.

10. "EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE IN STEPPING UP EXPORTS ACTIVE" Awarded By Industry and Trade Ministry To Mr. Ho Duc Lam, Chairman Of The Board - General Director In 2013.

11. SGS FSSC 22000

12.."VIETNAM VALUE" 2008 - 2018

13. “Sustainable development business over 40 years”

14. “ISO 9001:2015”

15. “ISO 22000:2018”

16. VALUE 2018-2020

17. "VIETNAM HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS" Certificate By Consumer Votes, 2019

Production Capacity
Machinery & Technology

Rang Dong Plastic property boasts modern mechanical systems and R & D team with high qualification. This is a prerequisite for us to create different product designs and superior quality



Head Office
Long An Plastic Factory

Located in H1, H2, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9 Road 3, 8, 9 Tan Do Industrial Park, Long An Province, the factory is divided into 4 areas: Factory 1 has an area of ​​11,760 m2 with total investment is 36.5 billion dong, factory 2 has a total area of ​​19,840 m2 with a total investment of 56.3 billion dong, factory 3 with an area of ​​20,480 m2, total investment of 62.5 billion dong, covering an area of ​​5,832 m2 with the cost of 11.7 billion. Especially, the packaging factory No.3 meets HACCP standard. Machinery and equipment are using most advanced lines in the world such as : Factory No.1: Synthetic Leather Foaming Machine, Calender, Synthetic Leather Printing & Treating Machine.. Factory No.3: 9-Color Printing Machine, Bag Making Machine, Solvent-Less Dry Laminating Machine, Solvent Dry Laminating Machine, Shin Han Extrusion Laminating Machine. With the awareness of building environmentally friendly plants, the company has built water treatment system, fire protection system,... Rang Dong Plastic Factory focuses on promoting supporting industry products as input materials for other industries such as leather imitation, thin film, materials digital print decal, laminated film ... In addition to the target to welcome market imitation leather, is expected to increase in the coming years, together with the need to invest in modern technology machine operating in the environment Moisture and heat of dust to increase productivity and product quality, Rang Dong Plastic Factory was born with great ambition to contribute to the development of supply chain to meet the strictest standards of the market. American, Japanese and European community ..., aiming for growth of 25 - 30 / year in 2016 - 2018 Strategic direction through expansion of domestic market and export.