Busy and bustling life sometimes makes us inadvertently close to the disposable products. Raincoat is no exception! Disposable raincoat with only VND 10,000 is no longer strange to Vietnamese people, especially Saigon people when the rain comes. The image of hustle-bustling stop at the roadside shops or even trolleys along the highway with a variety of raincoats also becomes too familiar. When asked, they answered “Because of being too hasty, and too convenient!” However, when asked about quality of such raincoats, everyone is silent. Because no one cars where they are produced and how they are produced, and their composition is still a vague thing.

Poor quality raincoats are sold everywhere on the sidewalk (Photo: Internet)

No denying the convenience of disposable raincoats, Ms. Hong, 28 years old, living in District 10, HCM frankly confesses that she rarely take the initiative to bring raincoat because: “Only with from VND 7,000 to 10,000, she can own an adult raincoat from head to toe”. Although her husband has warned about the threat to health, but for a forgetful person as her, this kind of disposable raincoat is a savior when the rain suddenly comes, and also because after each time of wearing, she can throw it away, so for her, the fact that you do not need to wash it after each use is a good invention!

Many young people are not aware of the danger of disposable raincoats (Photo: internet)


Talking to Ms. Ngoc, an office worker, living in District 5, HCMC, she recalled: “That day, I only brought a raincoat because of being busy to pick my baby Bong up, so I let my child to wear that raincoat and bought a disposable raincoat for myself. My first impression was that its smell was terrible like plastic bag has been recycled many times, but there was no other choice, so I had to wear it. When I went home, my whole body itched, especially the neck and wrists. I found online that disposable raincoat contains toxic chemicals. The user may be have skin inflammation, or even skin cancer, so I removed this product from there. Now, I am more careful, always use quality raincoat for every member in my family. In fact, it is more economical and suitable than using the disposable raincoat, and the most important thing that I feel absolutely safe when using it for young children.”


According to the investigation of EcoWaste Alliance, Philippines: The composition of this inexpensive raincoat contains a very high level of formol. This is a very toxic organic substance that is widely produced and usually exists in two forms: it is soluble, colorless with very special smell in gaseous form. This substance acts as female hormone, so it is very harmful for men, especially boys when their sex organs have not developed completely. Long-term exposure can lead to conditions such as early puberty or feminization.

According to this organization, heavy metal elements beyond the allowed levels are even more dangerous. Heavy metals are highly toxic to brain by entering the body through the respiratory tract, digestive tract and skin absorption. Infected people may have acute symptoms such as dyspnea, intestinal bleeding, diarrhea, leading to shock due to decreased blood flow, fever, gastrointestinal pain, anemia, nephrotoxicity, stress, etc. if infected for a long time, the patient may have serious conditions such as: rapid heartbeat, goiter, hepatomegaly, skin cancer, genetic mutations, nervous system damage, ADN and chromosome damages, birth defects and abortion, infertility, intellectual disability, etc. and even leading to death.


To avoid the risk, experts recommend that instead of using cheap raincoat, we should equip with quality raincoats that meet the standard of reputable manufacturers. Avoiding to use unknown raincoats sold on the sidewalk. With various styles and designs that are suitable with different fashion trends, you can absolutely choose an appropriate raincoat for your family members. Safe, convenient and very fashionable!

Using high-quality raincoat to protect your family’s health

Therefore, to protect your family’s health, please equip yourself with necessary knowledge even the smallest.