Two years from the date of commencement, on May 18th, 2018, Rang Dong Plastic Joint Stock Company was officially inaugurated at lots H1, H2, H3, H4, H7, H8, and H9, Roads 3,8,9 Tan Do Industrial Park, Duc Hoa Ha commune, Duc Hoa district, Long An province with the attendance of representatives from the Department of Industry and Trade, leaders of Long An People’s Committee, departments and branches in Ho Chi Minh City, Japanese partner Sojitz- Planet, other partners and customers, media, etc. That was really a great festival of all officers and employees of Rang Dong Long An Plastic JSC, attracting the attention of the mass media, customers and partners.

Although the program was held at 9:20 pm, most of guests were present early, creating a very bustling atmosphere. After the welcoming performance program, in his opening speech, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ho Duc Lam expressed his profound gratitude to the representatives, leaders of the departments and branches as well as partners and customers who attended and congratulated the company. Recognizing the efforts that the units had achieved as well as the help from the authorities, departments and branches of Long An province, Mr. Ho Duc Lam emphasized: “With the financial power of shareholders, with all the enthusiasm, the determination of the entire managers, officers and employees of the Company, after only two years, Rang Dong Long An Plastic Company has completed as scheduled with 5-star quality. Since then, the prosperous development of Rang Dong on the new land is also the condition for Tan Do Industrial Park in particular and Long An province in general to develop strongly and vice versa.” At the same time, the Chairman pledged to continue to strive and work constantly in creation and production so that Rang Dong will always be the symbol of quality and safe products, worthy of being the leader in the development of Vietnam plastic industry.

(Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ho Duc Lam speaks at the Inauguration ceremony)

Speaking at the ceremony, representative of Long An province’s leaders, Nguyen Van Duoc – Vice Chairman of Long An People’s Committee expressed his sincere admiration for the achievements of Rang Dong Long An Plastic JSC in the past time. He said: “Despite many difficulties in the construction process, but the Company has always strictly met and complied with the regulations of the Ministry of Construction, along with the help and support of the provincial People’s Committee, the Department of Construction, the Department of Power of Long An province, the work has completed as scheduled. With many efforts, the Company has built a facility in accordance with its expectations, opening up a new favorable conditions to promote talents for generations.”

(Mr. Nguyen Van Duoc, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Long An province speaks at the Inauguration ceremony)

On behalf of Sojitz- Planet Group, as the representative of strategic shareholder, Chairman Hideaki Kato highly appreciated the mutual beneficial cooperation between Rang Dong Plastic Joint Stock Company and Sojitz- Planet Group, Japan. Sojitz Planet Group always tried to support RLP to create world-class quality products that competed aggressively in the market by becoming a consultant in designing the plant as well as mobilizing good engineers from Japan from the beginning of the project.

(Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sojitz- Planet Group expresses his great honor to become the strategic shareholder of Rang Dong Long An)

In the project implementation report, Deputy General Director Doan Ngoc Hung gave detailed presentations on the construction process as well as modern systems strongly invested by Rang Dong Long An.

(Deputy General Director Phan Ngoc Hung reported the process of project implementation)

The ribbon cutting ceremony was held successfully with the participation of leaders of Rang Dong Plastic Joint Stock Company, leaders of Long An province, and leaders of Sojitz- Planet Group, Japan. After that ceremony, the Company’s representative led guests to visit Rang Dong’s manufacturing plants with the desire to introduce the scale of construction, equipment, machinery, warehouses and modern production lines being operated in the plants of Rang Dong Long An. Accordingly, visitors were divided into two groups. One group visited plants No. 1 and No. 2, and the other visited the package plant No. 3. Ending the visit, the delegation returned to attend the party and enjoy artistic performance.

(Inauguration ribbon cutting)

(Visiting Rang Dong Long An plant)

The Inauguration ceremony of Rang Dong Long An Plastic Company ended successfully, marking an important milestone in the development of Rang Dong. With the scale of 8.7 hectares, the total investment capital in the first stage is USD 32 billion, and machinery and equipment are imported from Taiwan, Japan, etc. Working environment meets the standards with the number of manpower is up to 1,000 people. Of which, Sojitz Planet, Japan is the strategic shareholder who contributes 20% of the shares, the remaining 80% is contributed by Rang Dong Plastic. Rang Dong pledges to continuously strive and work hard so that Rang Dong is always a symbol of quality and safe products, worthy of being the leader in the development of Vietnam plastic industry. Once again, congratulations to Rang Dong Long An Plastic JSC! Have a new start with a lot of advantages and good lucks will come to Rang Dong in the future!