On 06/06/2020, Rang Dong Plastic Group – Rang Dong Holding Joint Stock Company (Rang Dong Holding) successfully organized the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2020. At the meeting, shareholders with majority of votes Thanh, approved the operation results in 2019; and orientations, work plans 2020 such as plans to increase charter capital, supervision, personnel organization, investment finance …

As of December 31, 2019, the total equity of Rang Dong Holding is VND 653,053,139,822.

In 2019, Rang Dong Holding achieved the following business and production results:

Đại hội cổ đông thường niên năm 2020 của Tập đoàn Nhựa Rạng Đông

As of December 31, 2019, the total equity of Rang Dong Holding is VND 653,053,139,822.

In 2019, Rang Dong Holding achieved the following business and production results:


Targets Unit Plan of 2019 Implementation of  2019

RATE (%)


Total revenue Mimilion VND 2.016.378 2.002.989 99,33


Total cost Mimilion VND 1.968.556 1.909.077 96,97


Profit after tax Mimilion VND 47.822 70.092 146,56

Compared to the plan, Total revenue decreased by 1%, Total cost decreased by 3%, and Profit after tax increased by 46%. The main reason is that Rang Dong Long An Plastic Joint Stock Company has been operating stably, effectively and developing.

Chủ tịch đoàn

The congress agreed to approve the business plan of Rang Dong Holding in 2020 with the main objectives:

– Concentrating resources to well operate production and business activities at Rang Dong Long An Plastic Joint Stock Company.

– Managing and directing production and business activities of member companies with high efficiency.

– Completion of construction and operation of Rang Dong Healthcare Joint Stock Company.

– Develop global sales network, organize training for managers and workers directly involved in production.

– Supervise and direct the implementation of cooperation programs with partners.

– Continuing to exploit resources, financial resources to benefit the Company, strictly manage input costs, production costs and evaluate the effectiveness of investment projects. Supervise and urge the implementation of key investment projects as planned.

Các đại biểu tham dự

In 2020, Rang Dong Holding will increase its charter capital from VND 339,428,620,000 to VND 373,367,160,000. The increase in charter capital will determine the level of success in expanding the scale of operations, contributing to the implementation of goals under the business strategy of Rang Dong Holding.

To achieve this goal, Rang Dong Holding has set a number of focus, in which throughout 2020 will be customer development focus; concern, invest in personnel and profit for shareholders:

– Focus resources to rearrange the organizational structure and operation of Rang Dong Long An Plastic Joint Stock Company to achieve high efficiency to meet customer needs.

– Expanding export market development.

– Focusing on training cadres and employees to ensure efficient production and business activities.

– Looking for more investment opportunities to ensure sustainable development for the whole company.

– The company continues to invest and develop two target product lines, namely packaging and leatherette, and cooperating with foreign partners to expand the market, boost sales growth, make a difference to enhance brand of company.

Ông Hồ Đức Lam - Chủ tịch HĐQT Rạng Đông Holding chụp hình cùng các thành viên của HĐQT nhiệm kỳ 2018-2023.

And in his speech, Mr. Ho Duc Lam – Chairman of Rang Dong Holding Board of Directors strongly affirmed to shareholders that besides maintaining and producing, developing and trading 2 traditional lines for a long time and the outstanding strength of Rang Dong Brand is packaging and leatherette products, the biggest and focus goal of Rang Dong Holding in 2020 is to complete and put into operation the Rang Dong Healthcare factory with an area of up to 8.7ha specializes in manufacturing plastic products for the health sector; focus resources to develop this product line and determination in 3 years to reach sales of up to US $ 50 million, and as soon as possible IPO this Rang Dong Healthcare company on the international stock exchange. And this goal is feasible because currently Rang Dong Healthcare products alone export more than US $ 1 million per month

At the meeting, the shareholders agreed to dismiss two members of the Board of Directors, Mr. Tran Trong Trieu and Mr. Nguyen Trong Binh. The Meeting also agreed to add Mr. HO VAN TUYEN and Mr. NGUYEN TRAN VINH as new members of the Board of Directors for the term 2018-2023.

This year’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders brings a historical impression to Rang Dong Holding because it contributes to the creation of a series of events to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Rang Dong Brand (1960-2020).