“Living to love – Living to share” is always a favorite maxim of the Management of Rang Dong Plastic JSC and they persevere in carrying out noble mission to contribute to the development of the community.

Recently, on February 06th, 2018, in Phu Hoi commune, Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province, Rang Dong Plastic JSC sent 100 gifts to disadvantaged households and old people in the locality in order to help them have a warmer and happier “Tet”.

(Chairman of the People’s Committee, Phu Hoi commune thanks the kindness of Rang Dong Plastic JSC)

It can be said that Phu Hoi is an agricultural and poor commune of Nhon Trach district. In recent years, a number of industrial parks have been built, creating jobs for people and improving their life. But the people’s life quality here is still very low which needs the kind hearts to help to improve the quality of real life of people.

(Mrs. Nguyen Kim Hong, the wife of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rang Dong Plastic JSC always accompanies charitable activities for the community)

With a heart full of mutual love, Rang Dong Plastic JSC always takes the initiative to learn and build charitable programs to help difficult units or organizations, or support the people in disaster. “Together we can change the world”, Rang Dong Plastic not only carries out these programs but also call on units inside and outside the industry to participate to increase the number and quality of charitable activities for the community.

The year of Rooster is about to pass, the year of Dog is coming, happiness for every family and everyone will always be the driving force and strength to Rang Dong Plastic JSC to promote its mission: Not only the Pioneer in the plastic industry, but also the leader in community activities, contributing to the prosperity of Vietnam. Wishing everyone a lucky and happy New Year.