In order to improve professional skills for all employees of the Company, the Internal Supervision Board carried out the plan to strengthen the training in August 2018. Accordingly, the training program lasted from August 10th to the end of August 31st, including important courses such as: 5S training, 5S instructor training, internal teacher training ISO 9001 & 14001 – 2015, internal teacher training and assessment ISO 9001 & 14001 – 2015, technical characteristics & application of plastic particles, learning about products & production technology of PVC products, 5S training, learning about membrane products & blowing production technology; KPI processes, data analysis and report; identification and establishment of standard processes in production and techniques; SWOT identification; identification, assessment, remedy and prevention of risk; technical characteristics & application & production technology of plastic packaging membrane, learning about products & leatherette product manufacturing technologies.

Deputy General Director Tran Trong Trieu and the training of business departments

In which, there were 10 internal classes, 2 external classes and 91 turns of trainees. Most of trainees were fully present, showing the desire to learn and build knowledge of all staff. This is a necessary activity for all staff to consolidate their knowledge on important issues such as ISO, 5s, risk identification and prevention, setting up basic expertise such as learning about product, establishing standard procedures in production and techniques, etc. in order to best complete their work, especially improving production technology and product quality. In addition, with actual work experience, trainees might have ideas or creations to overcome many mistakes and add unique and practical ideas into the office and production environment. This is also an opportunity for the units to learn and add skills to each other, improving knowledge to create the harmony in work.

The trainees pay attention to the lesson

With the positive results after the training programs, Rang Dong has really achieved new success. In the future, these training programs will be further developed, bringing many practical benefits for the Company.